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Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

December 26, 2021

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

A fireplace creates a cozy setting in any room, but there are several drawbacks that come with a traditional fireplace such as the heat produced by an open flame. A regular wood burning fireplace can become dangerously hot and the flame is not very energy efficient. 

A lot of people look to electric fireplaces as an attractive alternative to traditional fireplaces, but a common question is whether electric fireplaces give off heat. If you’re purchasing an electric fireplace chances are you don’t want it to just look like a real fire, but you want it to be able to warm your space. The answer to this common question is yes, an electric fireplace does give off heat. 

How much heat do electric fireplaces produce?

Electric fireplaces don’t typically create as much heat as a wood- or gas-burning fireplace. Even so, an electric fireplace can produce enough heat to warm approximately 400 square feet, depending on the unit. When placed in a room, the electric fireplace will generate enough heat to gently warm your space and create a cozy atmosphere.  

The best part of the electric fireplace, however, is that while it creates the appearance of a real fire, you don’t have to worry about getting burned. Even though the electric fireplace gives off heat, the glass in front of the electric fireplace stays cool to the touch. You can now enjoy a beautiful fireplace without the danger of pets or loved ones getting burned by the surrounding stone or glass.


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